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​Four thousand students drop out of high school every day in America. Interconnectivity  platforms are crowded with negative demoralizing content.  America's youth need to hear from America's Role Models 

We deliver Role Models news stories, documentaries and live campus events to over 1 billion people in urban communities and schools reaching  at risk students and families since 1990. Our originally produced stories  bring  message to students that "America needs you, You are valuable." America's Role Models acknowledge and lift up the importance of each student to the future of  America by sharing pivotal experiences and lessons learned on their life journey.   While backgrounds, accomplishments and paths to greatness are diverse among our "Role Models,"core values  of  integrity, self respect, finding   passion and purpose, overcoming life's obstacles and helping humanity  are  common ingredients in our exciting  stories that teach, encourage and inspire  America's  next generations of Role Models. 

A great story is good news and a great teacher.


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